Make It Count


Nike asked Casey Neistat, a fantastic NY based film maker  to create a movie about what he would do to #makeitcount- an initiative to motivate people to achieve goals they set.

Neistat absolutely nailed the brief. What he created is simply put, a must-see.*

*Watch at the risk of possible immediate spontaneous actions pertaining to the purchase of flight tickets, driving off on a road trip, and adventures of the awesome kind.


'Make it Count' by Casey Neistat

Now you've become accustomed with Neistat's style, see how once again, he used a bunch of money very effectively to help those in need. This time around, see what he did with a budget of $25,000 and a brief:  'Live your dream. Motivate and inspire. Give the people a catalyst to do something they've never done' from a movie studio.

'What would you do with $25,000?' by Casey Neistat

I don't know about you, but my feet are really itching to dive head first into my next adventure. What would you do, if you had been given any of the above two briefs?