flying high

Imagine what it would feel like to fly. High above it all, gliding through the sky like a bird feeling the wind in your face. The closest I have ever got to the sensation of flying is in my dreams. Or more precisely, what my mind tells me what I think it would be like.

Jeb Corliss literally takes his dreams to the next level. He actually flies through the sky and there are no digital effects or superhero's involved. He is an American professional skydiver and BASE jumper. Last August, he made history by being the first person to fly through Heaven's Gate (half a mile deep cave) in Tianmen Mountain, China.

It isn't just a simple case of putting on the wingsuit and jumping off the plane. There is a lot of prep involved in making such a big project come to life. In the video below Corliss reflects on his life, and what it takes to turn his dreams into a reality. I would like to highlight the three key points mentioned which I think are inspirational and so, so true.

' If you want to do something special, you have to work for it. The more special it is, the more difficult it is, the harder you have to work for it. '

'Sometimes projects take years to manifest...Things will take forever but I will continue, and continue, and continue. That's why I don't believe you can fail. You only fail if you give up. The second you decide to give up, you are choosing to fail. If you don't ever make that decision to fail, you tell yourself to keep going until it fricken happens, well then you don't fail.  You're in the process of making it happen'.

'I'm just so happy to be here. My time in this world is limited but the things I can do with that time are not.'


'GoPro: Jeb Corliss Flies Through Tianmen Cave'

You can see more videos of Corliss flying here.