Bespoke Maps

options so far:

1A. Large OR
1B. Medium

A0 size (1189 x 841mm) $140
A1 size (1189 x 841mm) $110


2A. Headquarters

This is your current location referred to as your HQ which is marked in a colour of your choice as a dot. If you are a digital nomad, then choose where you are from / were born or, where you know you will be based when you stop moving.


2B. Your Past

Outline all the places you've been in one colour. Gold is recommended because of the way it shines as it catches the light. 


1-25 countries (+$25)
26-50 countries (+$50)
51-75 countries (+$75)
76-99 countries (+$100)
100+ countries(+$P.O.A)

Total = $140/$110 + 2A + 2B



Step 2C. Personalise it:

2C. Your Future

Dot your top ten cities you want to visit on your bucket list in one colour.


1-5 cities (+$25)*
6-10 cities (+$50)

*Please note that to search each city and indicate the specific location takes time, therefore the price is indicative of the work required.