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Materials needed:

  • Highlighter pen (3 different colours)

  • Pencil & eraser

  • Access to google maps

  • Test Map (provided with your purchased map)

  • Colouring materials of your choice


Start the fun here:

  1. Use the alphabetised world reference here to help you locate the destinations accurately.

    – Firstly, go ahead and highlight the numbers of the countries/ territories, where you have been onto the Test Map. Should you wish to mark the cities instead of countries on your map: further use google maps ( or your favourite Atlas) to then determine the exact location of the cities you have visited and mark them with a pencil.

    – Using another highlighter, go ahead and dot where you live now. This is your HQ.

    – If you know your top 10 Bucket List destinations then go ahead and mark them with the third highlighter. (I recommend choosing individual cities for this) If you are not sure yet, leave this until later.

  2. Now once you have drafted all your destinations you have been (+ want to visit), go ahead and mark all the locations onto your Dream the Travel x Travel the Dream, world map. I would recommend using neon or foil colours so the marks stand out. If you'd like a more subtle look, use a black pen. You can use small round stickers but please note if they are too big, or you've been to many places, they may end up covering entire countries!

  3. Voila, your DIY masterpiece is now done. Admire your map and get excited/ feel inspired to turn those travel dreams into a reality! 


A very special discount

If you are looking for a chic option without all the colours, then I absolutely love & recommend this finish. It's at a reduced price too because I want to share the love with you!

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A0 combo total price is reduced from $750 to only $650


A1 combo total price is reduced from $620 to only $520


1. Choose Base Map:

1A. Large World

A0 size (1189 x 841mm)

SPECIAL PRICE: Base map reduced from $150 to $130


1B. Medium World

A1 size (841 x 549mm)

SPECIAL PRICE: Base map reduced from $120 to $100


2.Added Embellishments:

2B. All World Outline

Outline all the countries in gold pen (highly recommended because of the way it shines as it catches the light).

ADD: Whole world outline reduced from $100+ to only $70


2D. Patterns

View the world in hand drawn b&w patterns.

A0 reduced from $500 to $450 / A1 reduced from $400 to 350